Leave a Legacy

“Whaowhia te kete mātauranga”
“Fill the basket of knowledge"


Leave a legacy of knowledge

Leaving a bequest ensures a legacy for future generations.

By choosing to make a gift to Te Puna Foundation in your Will, you are choosing to enrich the cultural and economic life of New Zealand for future generations.

Your generosity can help ensure that knowledge and taonga from the past and present continue to be collected, preserved for and shared with future generations.



Way to make a bequest

There are three main types of bequests:

Residual bequest
A percentage of the net value of your estate after all debts and gifts to your family have been paid.

Pecuniary bequest
A specified sum of money.

Specific bequest
A legacy that includes a specific item, such as a property or shares.

Once you have decided what type of bequest to make, you can ask your solicitor to include this in your Will.

You can choose to leave an unconditional gift to Te Puna Foundation, so we can respond to the needs of the National Library and New Zealand, as they arise. However, if your preference is to leave a bequest for a specific purpose, we will always respect your intentions and use your gift wisely.

If you would like to know more about leaving a bequest to Te Puna Foundation, you can contact:

Director Public Engagement  
Tui Te Hau
(+64) 4 462 0322