Applying for the He Tohu Travel Fund for Schools




What is the He Tohu Travel Fund?

Te Puna Foundation is a charitable trust formed to extend and add value to the work of the National Library of New Zealand, through philanthropic funds.

Te Puna Foundation established a campaign in 2016 to raise money for a travel fund to assist with the goal for every child
in New Zealand to have the opportunity to experience the
‘He Tohu’ Exhibition and learning programme, held within the National Library , at least once during their school life.


Conditions of receiving the He Tohu Travel Fund

There are no formal conditions for receiving travel assistance from Te Puna Foundation other than attendance at the learning programme; however the Foundation would appreciate an acknowledgement of the travel funding it provides and feedback on the experience, that we can share, to encourage more schools to come to the programme.

The Foundation encourages the students who attend the He Tohu Learning Programme to share their experience with their school and others in their local community.

Copies of any reports on the visit as well as any local newspaper articles or features about the experience in Wellington would be appreciated as the Foundation seeks to build and share a collection of stories to encourage support for this travel programme.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Assistance?

All primary and secondary schools in New Zealand are eligible to apply for travel assistance to visit the exhibition in Wellington.

The level of assistance will be based on a graduated scale according to the distance in kilometres from the school to Wellington CBD. Priority will be given to schools:

  • furthest away from Wellington

  • that exhibit a special need or exceptional circumstances

  • with students visiting He Tohu for the first time

How many students are eligible for funding?

Funding is available for:

  • up to 38 Students as well as 2 accompanying parents per school

  • other school groups on a case by case basis

  • Students should preferably be attending years 6 to 11 but all applicants will be considered.

How do I book to attend the He Tohu Learning Programme?

Te Puna Foundation only manages applications for travel assistance to attend the Learning programme.

All enquiries and bookings to attend the He Tohu Exhibition and Learning Programme are made directly to the Programmes team at the National Library on this email address

Further information on the Programme can be found here

How do I calculate the distance from my school to the Wellington CBD?

Using the travel assistance scale, use the “distance calculator” hosted by AA Travel in the link below to calculate your schools distance from Wellington CBD.

KMs from Wellington

Up to 200 = $25 per Student: $50 for two accompanying parents

Up to 400 = $40 Per Student: $80 for two accompanying parents

Up to 600 = $60 per Student: $120 for two accompanying parents

Up to 800 = $80 per Student: $160 for two accompanying parents

Over 800 =  $100 per Student: $200 for two accompanying parents

How do I apply for funding?

All applications must be on the Official Application Form which is available from the Te Puna Foundation office or can be downloaded from

A copy of the planned Travel Itinerary for the visit must be attached to the application form. All sections of the Application form must be completed and signed by the School Principal.

The subsidy is only available to those who wish to participate in the National Library’s He Tohu Exhibition & Learning Programme provided by an in-house Programmes team.

Schools may apply for assistance only once per calendar year and the visit to He Tohu must take place within six months of an application being approved.

Application Closing Dates

Applications to the He Tohu Travel Fund will be considered four times each year. Closing dates for each round of applications will be
31 March, 30 June, 30 September and  31 December, for visits in each following quarter.

Applications, accompanied by the proposed travel itinerary, MUST be submitted via email to the Foundation at no later than six (6) weeks prior to the intended visit to He Tohu.

If posting, please address to:

The Foundation Manager
Te Puna Foundation
PO Box 1467, Wellington 6140

Who considers the Applications?

The Foundation Manager and Team will assess all applications and then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees according to funds available at any one period.

The Board will make its decision based on the schools application and may consult with other agencies or organisations, as appropriate.

The Boards decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into once decisions have been made.

How is the Travel Grant Paid?

The Travel Grant will be paid in advance of the visit to He Tohu. Funds will be transferred electronically to the School’s nominated bank account.

Under no circumstances will any funds be transferred to a private or business bank account.

The School Principal must agree (by signing the Application Form) to refund any funds advanced to the School with 10 days if the visit is cancelled.

Who will be advised if the application is successful?

The School Principal will be notified of the Foundation’s decision via email or telephone.

What happens if the visit is cancelled?

Should the visit to Wellington not proceed on the dates specified, the Foundation must be notified via email immediately and reimbursed within 10 days for any funds allocated to the school.

Te Puna Foundation’s Bank account details will be provided to the School in an email to enable a refund to be made.

If you have any further questions please contact:

(04) 460 2851